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SkallfasettVeneer, also called porcelain veneer, is attached over the visible part of the tooth. This can be a good solution if the tooth is deformed, has surface damage or discoloration that cannot be bleached. If you have unwanted spaces between your teeth, a veneer can also be a good alternative.

A shell veneer will be similar to a natural and healthy tooth. The dentist grinds away the outermost layer of the tooth, and easily attaches to a new porcelain surface over your natural tooth. The surface is specially adapted to your teeth, both in shape and color.

We have a separate team of dental technicians attached to the clinic. The fact that everything is produced internally contributes to an environmentally friendly and time-efficient solution both for our patients and dentists.

What options are there?

If you want to achieve an even nicer smile, but are unsure of which option suits you best, the dentist can help you choose the best one for you and your set of teeth.

  • Tooth-colored fillings in composite (plastic / porcelain) or pure porcelain fillings (CEREC manufactured by a dental technician)
  • Replacement of discolored fillings to color-matched tooth-colored fillings.
  • Replacement of old amalgam fillings to new white fillings: composite (past / porcelain) or pure porcelain fillings.
  • Development of teeth to remove unwanted spaces between the teeth.
  • Removal of color coatings (smoke, coffee, tea, etc.) using ultrasound and sanding.