Christiania tannlegesenter is a state-of-the-art dental clinic in the heart of central Oslo that offers all types of dental services.

Our ambition is to serve society, we want to increase quality of life and realize people’s dreams by improving their dental health. We do this by delivering professionally updated dental treatment of high quality and outstanding service throughout the patient’s visit.

Being an industry leader in corporate culture and patient experience is one of our most important goals, which is why we are keen to get to know our employees well in order to find the right way to inspire them.
We are proud to have dedicated people who share our values, attitudes and passion on the team. We accept and value differences and make room for each other. That is why we want diversity in our company, including employees from many different countries and cultures.
New ideas are valued and celebrated with us, which results in employees being able to grow into roles that suit their talents and passion. The right people in the right place is our recipe for a good balance between work and private life, and this is how we want to create genuinely happy employees.

Today, there are 35 happy and committed people working at the clinic who reach out as far as they can to keep the smile of our patients both healthy and beautiful.
In addition to general practitioners, specialists and dental nurses, we also have an in-house dental laboratory. Close and close collaboration between our dentists and dental technicians gives us the opportunity to have quality control of our products, and not least it is our contribution to a greener everyday life. We also perform treatment under anesthesia to help the most vulnerable patients to transform their lives and start smiling again.

With all the human resources and facilities, we can efficiently and safely offer our patients, friends and family all forms of treatment without the need for further referral to other clinics.

Everything we do at Christiania tannlegesenter, we do with love and care and will always treat you like family. Come and see for yourself!

Our core values

Our patients and our staff are the gear we build our values around and show the way in our daily business. Our values support the way we collaborate and interact with each other. They must be shown in everything we do in the company and are governing the relationship we have with our patients, surroundings and not least employees in between.

Our core values are based on the fact that we are:


  • We are honest, open and inclusive.
  • We always deliver truthfulness and always recommend the dental treatment we would like for ourselves, our friends and our family.
  • We are good listeners, communicate with respect and trust each other.
  • We are grateful for each and every one of our patients.
  • We are grateful to work with such a great team. Because we have!
  • We always strive to help those who are less fortunate than us.


  • We do as we say and as we promise.
  • We show that we care because we know that empathy, care and compassion can make a big difference in people’s lives.
  • We always have our patients in focus and promise to be available to our patients when they need us.
  • We will always use the best, biocompatible materials and technology available, so that our patients can feel safe and trust us.
  • We are committed to social responsibility by always choosing environmentally friendly and digital alternatives when possible.


  • We show up at work every day with the intention of making as many people as possible smile.
  • We do a meaningful job.
  • We contribute to making each other good in a diverse and inclusive environment, where all individuals develop and thrive well.
  • We are committed to exceeding the expectations of our patients by creating value for them.
  • We engage our patients and help them take care of their dental health. We help them make safe and wise decisions. Then they will be able to maintain and maintain a healthy smile that improves their quality of life.


  • We respect the valuable time our patients spend with us.
  • We work smart and efficiently and give full attention to each and every one of our patients.
  • We offer all services under one roof, including our own in-house dental laboratory.
  • We have a good structure in the work we perform and are in no doubt about what our work tasks are.
  • We deliver our services to create growth and value.
  • We focus on a good balance between work and private life. This helps to make us both happier and more productive.

In constant development

  • We strive for continuous improvement in everything we do.
  • We are innovative and are always evolving.
  • Growth and personal development are crucial to our success.
  • We place great emphasis on keeping up to date and are committed to making the best choices for our patients and for our company.

Your smile is our success!
We go out of our way to make you happy.