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All on 4 is a world-leading method for rehabilitating toothless people with permanent teeth. We follow the protocol as it was developed by Professor Malo in the 90s and 2000s. In short, it means that toothless patients, including patients with little remaining jawbone, can have implants installed and an implant-retained bridge attached within a day.

We are a partner with Nobel Biocare, a reputable company that is considered the market’s best in dental implants and which has a product we have chosen solely due to research and documentation. All on 4 indicates that we must install at least 4 implants in the jaw. Nobel Speedy is the most suitable type of implant for such procedures.

All-on-4 + is a total Oral Rehabilitation. From being toothless or about to lose all your teeth, you can regain permanent natural teeth in one visit.